What would make me appropriate for a stay at Leeds OASIS?

Perhaps your crisis has escalated to the point where you don’t feel able to stay at home right now. If CRISS are considering you for a hospital admission, but you (and CRISS) are not sure that hospital is the right environment for you, then Leeds OASIS could be an option.

Do you take referrals from third sector professionals e.g. If you have a support worker within the charity sector?

Not directly, no. All referrals to Leeds OASIS are managed by CRISS (Crisis Resolution and Intensive Support Service). If you and your worker feel you are in need of extra support, you can be referred for a crisis assessment. Once that has taken place, the options for your support will be considered (of which Leeds OASIS is one option).

Is the service independent?

No, it’s not separate like other services such as Dial House and the Well-Bean Cafes. Leeds OASIS works in partnership with CRISS, so you will have an allocated CRISS/IHTT worker involved in your care alongside the Leeds OASIS staff. They will accompany you to the service initially, and then have daily contact with you during your time with us.

Can I come and go as I please?

Yes. You just need to let staff know you are going out and roughly what time you will be back.

Can people visit me?

Yes. Family, friends, carers and children (if you have them) can visit you. This has to be arranged with staff, so that we don’t have too many people in the building at any one time.

So how do I access the service?

Leeds OASIS is part of the LYPFT crisis pathway. That is, if you are already under the care of a secondary mental health team (e.g. CRISS, IHTT, CMHT, AOT, Aspire, PD Network) and you are experiencing a period of crisis, please ask your care-coordinator to have a discussion with CRISS (Crisis Resolution and Intense Support Service) about visiting Leeds OASIS.

If you are not with one of those services and are experiencing a crisis, please contact the single point of access (SPA) for an urgent assessment.

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to be referred directly into Leeds OASIS.

Who runs Leeds OASIS?

The lead provider is Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service (who operate Dial House), working in partnership with Touchstone and Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust.